3 Steps to Double Your Win Rate

Let’s talk about how to leverage previous users to accelerate multi-threading and win more deals.

Smart AEs leverage previous champions and enjoy 114% higher win rates (solid).

Genius AEs leverage previous champions to multi-thread and enjoy a 215% higher win rate (phenomenal).

Here’s how to be a genius:

1) Motivate your champion by tying your solution to an impact that benefits them, personally

Hint: If they recently changed roles, they were hired for something specific.

Try asking, “what’s the one thing you must accomplish in the next six months? How do you see our solution helping?”

2) Enable your champion by teaching them how your solution would impact executive priorities

Hint: even the most exuberant champion can make the mistake of selling why your solution. They need to sell the value it brings the company.

Help them help you by drawing a clear line from your solution to executive priorities.

3) Ask for their help in getting an audience with the appropriate executive

Hint: The key here is that you aren’t asking your champion to get you to the executive so you can make a sale.

Stop treating your champion like a gate to the economic buyer, and you’ll enjoy the benefit of champions that want you to win.


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