Deal Stalling Late: Unsure How It Fits in Their Environment

This week we’re looking at another of the four main causes for deals stalling late in the process.

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Part two looks at the next risk: it’s unclear how your solution would work in their environment.

Hypothetical solutions can get you far in the sales process. Eventually, the buying team has to answer:

  • Who will implement this?
  • How will this integrate with other solutions?
  • What governance will we need to ensure successful usage?

At the most basic level, I summarize this as “no one buys something that they don’t know how they’d use.”

If it’s not clear how your solution would work for them in their unique environment the buyer will doubt the promised outcomes are possible.

Here are a few ways to help your buyer bridge the gap between “high level/hypothetical solution” and understanding exactly how they’d use your product/service:

1) Eliminate “high-level overview” from your vocabulary

Every time your demo/presentations are a product tour your buyer fails to visualize your solution in their environment.

Instead, create demos that answer the question: “if I had my buyer’s job, how would I use this solution?”

2) Involve supporting teams early

Many solutions require IT, project management, or other cross-functional support to implement. If they aren’t involved in the conversation, critical details remain uncovered, and your buyer won’t fully understand how to onboard your solution.

3) Get your buyer’s hands on the solution

Whether it’s giving your buyer control in a hands-on demo or a full-blown proof of concept identify ways to get your buyer using your solution.

No demo is as impactful as a buyer experience it working as intended in the way they would use it.

That’s it for this week. If you found this helpful, I’d be grateful for a quick response to this email to help me stay on the right track.

– Kyle


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