Defending Unique Product Differentiators

Effectively using unique differentiators can be the difference between winning and losing a deal.

Unfortunately, most AEs use them wrong. Here’s why and how to fix:

A unique differentiator is a feature/solution you offer that your competitors do not.

AEs love to bring these up in sales calls:

“We are better, because we offer something you can’t get anywhere else.”

From the buyer perspective, the concern this introduces is:

“Why does no one else offer this if it’s actually important?”

This concern may put up walls that prevent you from landing the benefit of the differentiator.

To break down this skepticism barrier, unique differentiators require additional defense to answer the question: why does no one else offer this if it’s so important?

Here are two ways to defend unique differentiators so they actually help you sell:

1) Only we can do it because of unique resources

The messaging here is, “our competitors would love to offer this because of the value it adds but they don’t have the ability.”

Common examples include more engineering resources and internal subject matter experts.

2) Only we chose to do it because of a unique point-of-view

When it’s apparent your company doesn’t have a resource advantage, you’ll need to defend the point-of-view that led to offering something no one else has decided to offer.

Try these approaches to disarm the skepticism a buyer experiences when they hear you offer something no one else does.

Then, be sure to tie the differentiator directly to their priorities and you’ll increase your chance to win.


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