Discovery + Demo in 30 Minutes

I was recently asked if I had a framework to introduce the company, run discovery, and demo in a 30 min call.

I love this question because sometimes our buyers need us to be able to help them evaluate fast. We don’t have time for a drawn out discovery process followed by an hour long demo just for the buyer to understand our offering.

Here’s the framework I provided:

1) Company introduction:

Skip history, locations, # of customers. Your introduction is simply, “Here are the problems we solve for people like you.”

2) Discovery (identify and validate pain):

Build on the intro: “Are any of those relevant to you? What problems did I miss?”

Stack rank the pain: “Help me understand how those problems rank against your priorities.”

3) Discovery (uncover their current state):

Time to dial in on the biggest problems (no one is solving small problems right now).

Ask: “For the top two problems, what are you doing today to solve?”

4) Demo (proposed after state):

Show how you’d solve their biggest problems. Focus on how you do it better than their current state.

Prioritize differentiated features (something only you do or something you do better than the competition).

5) Discovery (confirm improved after state):

“How would what I just showed change your process?”

6) Discovery (positive personal outcomes)

“What impact would that drive for you?”

7) Discovery (positive business outcomes)

“What impact would that drive for your organization?”

8) Wrap-up (proof point) and next steps

Share a customer story of how someone leveraged your solution to solve the problems discussed. Then, work with your buyer to determine the best next steps for their evaluation.

Combining discovery + demo can be a valuable tool when you catch a buyer later in their evaluation journey. Give this framework a try, and let me know how it goes!


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