Framework for Account Executives to Measure an Effective Day

This week we are looking at my AE framework for effective days.

I’ve never seen a rep miss an annual quota when they consistently applied this framework.

What and how I measure:

Prospects Added to Cadence: One point per ten contacts added

Prospecting Calls with Conversation: One point for each 

Notice how I track conversations, not calls. I’ve found that monitoring calls leads to busy work and AEs mindlessly making calls to contacts they know won’t answer. 

Custom inMails/Emails sent to Manager Level+ Contacts: One point per five messages sent

Initial Meetings Set: One point per set

Opportunities Created: One point per opportunity

Personal Development: One point for an hour spent on personal development (max of one point per day).

Daily Goal: Eight points 

Here’s what a successful day could look like:

Twenty new prospects added to cadence: Two points

Two cold call conversations: Two points

Five messages sent: One point

One IQM set: One point

One opportunity created: One point.

Personal development completed: One point. 

Total: Eight points. 

Why It Works

1) Balance of inputs and outcomes.

This Framework encourages both inputs (new prospects added, messages sent, personal development) and outcomes (correct contacts, IQMs set, opportunities created). A successful day can happen with hard work, efficient work, or (ideally) both. 

2. Every metric measured matters. No fluff, no busywork. 

I’ve tracked rep success for years. The best reps consistently perform against these metrics. 

3. Easily trackable. 

Days can quickly get away from AEs, leading to “what did I actually accomplish today?” Implementing this Framework leaves no uncertainty about what you achieved.

That’s it for this week!

Give this Framework a try and let me know how it goes!



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