Key Leading Indicators Account Executives Should Use (and how to track them)

This week’s newsletter goes deeper into this LinkedIn post:

Leading indicators are more difficult to track than lagging metrics. Here’s how I would track progress in those four critical areas:


Establish personal daily minimums for effective activity and hold yourself accountable.

Good AEs hit activity targets on non-busy days. Great AEs hit activity targets even when their calendar is full of meetings.

Most AEs don’t know how to prioritize activities and set minimum targets. If you want help, read my free “Effective Day Framework.


I’ve never interviewed an AE that didn’t claim to be coachable. Often, their actions prove otherwise. Here are the traits I’ve seen in truly coachable reps:

  • They document feedback they receive
  • They clarify that feedback to ensure complete understanding
  • They revisit the feedback often as they implement
  • They report back on the progress they’ve seen from implementing the feedback

Try this and watch your development take off.

Willingness to help others

Top performers create impact beyond their quota. Easiest check to see if you are on the right track: do you secretly want to win, even at someone else’s expense?

Or, are you sincerely happy to contribute to team wins, even without immediate recognition?

The team contributor may not always lead in short-term revenue, but they will become the most valuable contributor in the long run.

Ownership of development

Top performers gratefully consume all the coaching they are offered while understanding that they are ultimately solely responsible for their success.

When things go wrong, where are you putting the blame? Inside or outside your locus of control?

If you consistently blame external factors for failure, you will have difficulty identifying what you can control to influence success.


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