How to Find Your ICP

The market downturn means deal cycles are longer and win rates are lower.

One way to reverse this trend is to only spend your time with your true ideal customer profile (ICP).

Here’s how to find the people that will buy like it’s still 2021:

1) What are your three biggest product differentiators?

Completely ok to use features here. Think about two types of differentiators:

Unique – capabilities that only you offer

Comparative – capabilities shared with the competition that you do better

2) What business problems do those differentiators solve?

Think about the executive priorities your differentiators address. Write those out in a list.

3) What personal problems do those differentiators solve?

Write out how your differentiators improve the day-to-day for your buyers.

4) List the main industries in your territory.

Then, identify which are most heavily impacted by the problems you identified in step two.

5) List the personas in your top industry typically involved in evaluating your product.

Which of those personas are most impacted by the personal problems identified in step three?

Now you have a list of the individuals most likely to personally benefit from your solution that work at companies most impacted by the problems you solve.

This is the top tier of your ICP and where you should be spending nearly all of your time.



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