How to Plan Your Territory as an Account Executive

AEs that successfully prioritize their accounts:

  • Spend their time where they are most likely going to make money
  • Never waste time wondering, “what account should I prospect today?”

First, let’s look at common mistakes:

Prioritizing based only on data

Most AEs sort their accounts by revenue, employee count, or an “Account Score” calculated by sales operations. This approach falls short due to bad data quality (how often are some of your “best” accounts garbage?)

Assuming more revenue = higher likelihood of a sale

You are better off selling to a company with average revenue that has problems your solution solves than a company with massive revenue that does not.

Not considering your “personal” ICP

Suppose you don’t understand how your best accounts make money, interact with customers, and can’t speak to their unique challenges/opportunities. In that case, your efforts will fall flat – even if they are “perfect” accounts for your solution.

Want help prioritizing your accounts?

Check out this 3-minute video (and, if you like it, please subscribe to the Sales Introverts Youtube Channel!)

– Kyle


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