How to Guarantee an Account Executive Onboards Successfully

This week I’m sharing how I help new AEs hit the ground running. Here are the three coaching sessions I use to begin onboarding:  

Session One: Ensure AE is working on the right accounts


Bring a report with all assigned accounts prioritized as Priority 1, Priority 2, or Priority 3 for us to review to confirm correct categorization (for a deeper look at how to prioritize accounts, you can view this Newsletter here).

What I’m looking for: 

1) Do I agree with the categorization (spot check from each priority section). 

2) Does the rep understand the business models of their Priority 1 accounts? If not, I know we need to either reprioritize or spend coaching time to improve their understanding of key accounts. 

Session Two: Ensure AE understands our buyers


Bring the best two contacts from five Priority 1 accounts (ten total). For each contact, be prepared to discuss what they care about, how they are measured, and how we help. (For help on learning this, see the previously linked Newsletter #1). 

What I’m looking for

Did the rep correctly identify high-quality leads? Do they have a firm understanding of their day-to-day, goals, and how to tie our solution to improving their success? 

Session Three: Ensure AE is enabled to prospect with effective messaging


For the contacts identified in Session Two, bring your proposed prospecting messaging. 

What I’m looking for

Is the messaging personalized enough to earn an open? Does it show evidence that we understand them? Does it offer proof that we can improve their situation? 

Please reply to this email for feedback on this newsletter or to recommend future topics. Feedback is a gift, and suggestions are welcome!

– Kyle


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