Accelerating Your Sales Career by “Shifting the Burden”

This week’s topic is accelerating your career by learning to reduce the burden for buyers, hiring managers, and your manager.

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If pressed to offer universal advice for sellers, I think I’d say, “shift the burden.”

Here’s what it could look like when selling, looking for jobs, and working with your manager:


Instead of:

“can we find time to catch up after you meet with Susan?”


“I’ll put together a revised business case that will better align with Susan’s priorities. Can we meet to review before you share with her?”

Job searching:

Instead of:

“I’ve attached my resume, let me know if there are any opportunities that may be a fit.”


“I saw the [insert role] on your career’s page. Based on my [insert relevant experience], I thought I might be a good fit. Do you know who the hiring manager is for this role?”

Working with your manager:

Instead of:

“Here’s my problem, what should I do?”


“Here’s my problem, here’s what I think I should do. Anything you would add?”

Everyone you work with has their problems, priorities, and stresses. When you need something from them, take on as much burden as possible.

The easier you are to help, the more help you’ll receive.


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