Capture (and keep) you buyer’s attention in software demos

This week we are breaking down how to capture (and keep) your buyer’s attention by bucketing your demo into three categories.

Here’s how you can improve your demos by bucketing each feature you show into these three categories:

1) Table stakes (functionality all competitors offer):

Sounds like, “Everyone can do this – I just wanted to briefly cover because you’ll need it and didn’t want you thinking we were the odd one out.”

2) Comparative differentiators (many do this, but we do it best):

Sounds like, “You’ve likely seen something similar from our competitors. Here’s why our approach is different and why that difference matters for you.”

3) Unique differentiators (only we do this):

Sounds like, “No one else does this – here’s why we chose this approach and how it helps people like you.”

Most reps spend 80% of their demo on table stakes functionality. This drowns out the differentiators, and your buyer thinks you are the same as the competition. Lowest cost will win.

To drive more engaging demos, spend 80% of your demo on differentiators. To drive better-understood demos, help your buyer categorize what you show to make it easier to compare to the competition.


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